Van Nelle Fabriek & Van Nelle Fabriek Events are closely following developments related to the coronavirus. We are in contact with specialised institutions and partners, including RIVM, the municipal health service GGD, the City of Rotterdam, ICCA (international congress branch association, CLC-vecta and the Dutch Venue Association. Any measures required will be taken in consultation with clients and we follow the guidelines issued by RIVM and GGD. Our priority is safeguarding health and safety is always our priority.


  • As for all on-site attendees and personnel we advise to follow these precautions:
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or with the desinfectant provided throughout the venue;
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue and throw away tissue immediately;
  • Maintain a distance between yourself and other people and avoid shaking hands. greet each other ‘verbally’
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Other measures

  • A working group (consisting of the management of the owner of the complex Virgata and from Van Nelle Fabriek Events the General director, General manager, team leader Operation and team leader Sales) has been constituted for the purpose of providing advice and guidance in taking measures and ensuring communication from Van Nelle Fabriek & Van Nelle Fabriek Events.
  • As a precaution, and in consultation with organizers, various precautionary measures are taken, such as: Sanitation devices are installed in traffic areas and toilets (dispensers with disinfectant)
  • Boxes of tissues will be placed in toilets, at the cloakroom and at buffets (for sneezing and blowing one’s nose)
  • Employees shall receive hand sanitizer
  • The cleaning company shall adjusts the cleaning protocol (additional disinfection of door handles, handrails, soap dispensers, taps)
  • The hand washing protocol is displayed in the toilets
  • Visitors will be asked to contact the GGD in case of complaints (temperature, respiratory issues and coughs).
  • Employees are encouraged to be alert and to refer people with complaints to reception.
  • Employees are encouraged to contact their doctor in case of complaints, to stay at home and to consult with their supervisor
  • Concerning international visitors, agreements have been made with the GGD in Rotterdam
  • Visitors will be discouraged from physical contact (shaking hands, kissing)
  • Employees of the Van Nelle Fabriek & Van Nelle Fabriek Events are prohibited from Friday 28 February from engaging in physical contact (shaking hands, kissing)
  • Visitors are informed of the measures by means of a flyer, screens and signs
  • Employees are informed via internal announcements
  • Tenants are informed and instructed in the same manner
  • No raw products are served in our event catering

More information on the coronavirus
Up-to-date information about the coronavirus is available via the websites of RIVM and WHO. Information on any measures related to events will be made available on the website of the relevant event and/or Van Nelle Fabriek & Van Nelle Fabriek Events.

If you would like to discuss our policy and preparations, please contact your regular point of contact at Van Nelle Fabriek & Van Nelle Fabriek Events.

Further measures will be taken should developments require.