Accessibility in the Van Nelle Fabriek


The Van Nelle Fabriek is for everyone. That is why we are taking extra measures to further improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Think of customized signposting and training for all employees at the event location. The Van Nelle Fabriek is easily accessible for people with an auditory, visual, physical and intellectual disability as well as for people who use an assistance dog. Since 2018, the Van Nelle Fabriek has been the first event location in the Netherlands to hold the “Keurmerk Toegankelijkheid Gehandicapten” quality mark. And that’s something we’re proud of, because everyone should feel welcome here.

If you still have questions after reading this page, please contact Jony via: The Van Nelle Fabriek also provides bespoke solutions in the area of ​​accessibility.

Wheelchair access

The Van Nelle Fabriek is wheelchair accessible. All rooms are ground level and paved, with the exception of the Tearoom and the Tabakszolder. The main entrances 1, 2 and 3 are wide enough for wheelchair access. Our historic doors are a bit heavy, which is why a member of staff is always ready to help.

The Van Nelle Fabiek has several lifts. These are suitable for an average wheelchair with a maximum width of 80 cm. The lifts can also take sports wheelchairs, although it can be a bit of a tight squeeze.

The Van Nelle Fabriek has three toilets that are wheelchair accessible, at the Tabak- and Koffiefabriek at entrance 2 and on the second floor near the meeting rooms. Important: the second-floor toilet isn’t as wide, and parking your wheelchair here can be a bit of a challenge.

Would you like to borrow a wheelchair during a visit to the Van Nelle Fabriek? You can book one by email: Make sure to reserve two days in advance. Of course you can also use a wheelchair if the disabled parking spaces are full. We can then pick up a request and take it to the appropriate entrance.

Area for caregiving / Quiet area

The Van Nelle Fabriek has several (sub) rooms. This means that you can ask us to set up an area for caregiving or a quiet area during events if needed. Let us know if you visit an event in the Van Nelle Fabriek, so that we can create a quiet place at all times. Curious about the possibilities? Please contact:

Excellent accessibility

The parking facilities of the Van Nelle Fabriek have several parking spaces for visitors with a disability. Entrance 2 is generally used for our events. The handicapped parking spaces are immediately opposite – no reservations required.

If you can’t use your own vehicle, and need special transport, talk to one of our parking attendants at the main entrance and the taxi will be directed to the ‘Kiss & Ride’ zone, right outside the door.

Public transport
Unfortunately, the nearest stop is not wheelchair accessible. We advise you to get off the bus at the 'Spaanseweg' or 'Roel Langerakweg' stops. Although these bus stops are a little further away, they are wheelchair accessible.

The Van Nelle Factory will also provide teleloops on request. To reserve one, send an email, at least one day in advance, to

Place in the audience
If you visit a conference and / or event with us and you want a good place in the event hall for you and your aid (wheelchair, walker, mobility scooter, assistance dog, etc.). Please contact Jony, via

Sunflower key cord and rest area
Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly alerts people around you (including staff, colleagues and caregivers) that you may need some extra support, help or time. If you use this, please report this early to If there is a need for a rest room, we can find a suitable solution in advance.

Service dogs
Four-legged companions are allowed in the Van Nelle Factory. Make sure that your service dog is wearing an identifying blanket. Bowls of water will, of course, be provided.

We understand that people in a wheelchair or with other disabilities sometimes fall short. Feel free to ask our catering staff for help with eating or drinking, handing over a straw or other help requirements. We do this with pleasure.

The Van Nelle Fabriek has an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) on the ground floor. Our employees are certified and follow refresher courses.

The perfect day
The Van Nelle Fabriek tries to think ahead, and provide all you need to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Are you visually impaired, deaf or do you use a wheelchair? Let us know in advance. You can contact the organization, or send an email to This way, we’ll be able to find you a suitable place in the room. Mobility scooters are allowed on our premises.

We want to know more about the accessibility of the Van Nelle Fabriek. Do you have suggestions or do you want to discuss specific requirements? Please contact Jony via: